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Welcome to Metropolitan Pacific Properties.  Our family-owned firm has been in business for over 20 years managing properties of all sizes (from 50-1,000+ units). Our managers have over 30+ years of experience both in the management field and as Board Members.  We are a company that believes in our industry. This can be seen by the commitment of our staff to provide dedicated service to our clients. The strength and competence of our management team consistently sets us apart from others.  
Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service that will maximize the value of your investment while optimizing your quality of life.Since our founding, we have placed considerable priority on the relationships we have developed with the people who matter most – our valued clients and our loyal staff.  We pride ourselves in building long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our approach is both personal and professional. Our staff understands that they are not just managing properties; they are directly impacting people’s day-to-day lives.   Should you wish to hire our company, each resident would be treated with the utmost care and concern.
COMMUNICATION IS OUR FOUNDATION.  At Metropolitan Pacific Properties we stress communication and teamwork with the Board which provides the basis for a very fruitful and long-term working relationship. Our staff members enjoy their work and look forward to attending to all of your needs.  When you or any resident call our office thier will always be a live human being to speak to. Additionally, we have a 24/7/365 call service in place that will be there for you in the event of an emergency.  We also have the technology to send out emergency broadcasts to all of your residents who have a cellular phone or access to the internet.   Our technology-based services goes even further.  As a shareholder you will be able to pay your monthly maintenance bills over the internet with the click of a button.  Online maintenance requests can also be made over the internet, or with a iPad or smart phone.  And this is just the start.
No major decisions will be made without Board consent first.  We are here to provide you with expert suggestions based on decades of experience in this field. Our Agents are extensively trained on all aspects of management service with a strong emphasis on fiscal responsibility. With two in-house Certified Public Accountants, the accuracy of our systems and the accountability of our staff keep our properties running smoothly and on budget. This helps us avoid many of the costly obstacles and setbacks that plague our competitors. We’re also able to maximize efficiency by using computer software tailor-made for our purposes and customized for each of our clients. The software enables us to record and analyze all areas of operations, ensuring accurate and comprehensive record keeping.
We know that as a Board member you have lives and responsibilities outside of your Board duties, and we are here to make your life as easy and stress free as possible. Our exceptional team of property-management professionals shares a common goal: To provide the most professional, informative, loyal and dedicated service in the industry. When Co-operatives (Co-ops), Condominium Associations, Homeowner Associations (HOAs) are looking for the ideal partner to make their residents happier, Metropolitan Pacific Properties stands ready to exceed your expectations.   Please take some time and view our services on our website.  If you have any further questions or wish to set up an interview do not hesitate to call our main office at (212) 944 - 9100 or fill out this Request For Proposal.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Steve Osman, President & Chief Executive Officer

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