• "I have lived in my building for 45 years first as a rent stabalized tenant then I purchased my apartment when it went coop in 84.  My coop hired Metropolitan Pacific Properties about 9 years ago.  They are so kind to our residents, it is beyond words.  They never disappoint me (except for when they rearranged the courtyard garden, but I forgive them for that).  I am very proud to make this statement for thier website, and would recommend this wonderful company to any apartment building." - Betty Ohara, 87 year old shareholder, Queens Coop

  • "I am the president of my Coop and hired Metropolitan Pacific 4 years ago.  The major difference my Board has found over our previous property mgmt companies is how attentive they are.  They return our phone calls, emails, texts.  They are very automated and up to date with their financial reports and have CPAs on their full time staff.  I dont know another management company that has not one but multiple CPA's in house.  We thank you MetPac, you truly raised the bar for all other management companies." - Manny Ortiz, Board President Manhattan Coop

  •  “I have been on the board for 7 years and in that time we changed our management company 4 times! I am happy to report that Metropolitan has been managing our property for the last 4 years. All of the other companies made many promises…none but Metropolitan Pacific have actually followed through with these promises. I would highly recommend this company to any property looking for a fresh start to their building’s operation.” – Seasoned Board Member
  • " I am astounded how a change in management changed my life.  Calls to management are actually answered, my billing is correct, building is clean.  Overall my quality of life is all around better, and I can thank Metropolitan for that!  Thank you so much Metpac." - Greg Annopolis, Resident

  • "I live in a building that has been managed by Metropolitan Pacific Properties for 17 years...They do an incredible job!  They pay close attention to our wants and needs as residents.  Bravo Metropolitan for doing such a great job" - Charles Reid, Shareholder NYC West Side 

  • "For once...I can actually get in touch with my manager.  Hip Hip Horray for Metropolitan Pacific!!" - Satisfied Shareholder